miércoles, 28 de mayo de 2014


            Hey adventurers! How are you? Summer is here!

            Usually this blog is in Spanish, but I will write some posts in English too. This is my first English only post; I did a post in both Spanish and English before.

            Ok, I have had posts with numbers titles before; this time, it is 100. Is it 100 years old, $100; 100 what? I mean 100 days. What? Yes, 100 days. Let me tell you the story behind this…

            A couple of months ago, I started noticing #100happydays on pictures on Instagram, and I began to wonder what that was about. When I searched, I found that there is a challenge to post one pic per day for 100 days. Why? To share things or moments which make you happy. I have done other challenges on Instagram for fun, so I accepted it. I started on April 8, and I added the #100happydaysofjac to the pics.

            I have post pictures of food, places, things that my kids do; you name it. I am sharing with the world what makes me smile. What do I get for doing this? To cherish every moment. This has made me appreciate little things more. It has opened my eyes to the beautiful gift of now, because usually we wait for things to happen.

            Today is my day #50, and I cannot think of a better way to celebrate it than to share a pic of something so simple but so big for me, a flower that my youngest kid made for me. I am grateful for everything that I have and everything that I don’t. I have learned through my experiences to be truly happy with just being me.

I am a volunteer of different causes. I love to help people, and I want to motivate them with everything I say, write, and do. That is why I wrote this post, and with it I am daring all of you to not necessarily accept the challenge to post your pictures (do it if you want), but to accept the challenge of being happy. Learn to let go of everything that does not make you feel good, including people, and embrace everything that does. Because life is only one; you have the choice to have a happy one. Do more of what makes you happy! And do not let people or things ruin your day. By changing your mind, you change everything. Try it. ;-)

Go to http://100happydays.com/ if you want to register for the challenge; you could share your pictures on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or by sending them by e-mail to the organization. Go to http://100happydays.com/foundation/ for more information.

            I’m sharing the “Happy” song video, because which song could be better for it than this one?
             Thanks for listening. Hug!

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