miércoles, 26 de noviembre de 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Thanks


Thanks, adventurers, because every time I have thought that maybe what I do does not matter, you let me know that it does.
Happy Thanksgiving! 
Love for all. xo

miércoles, 19 de noviembre de 2014

Bueno o Malo/Good or Bad

Buenas noches, aventureros. Espero que estén bien. ¿Ya pusieron su arbolito de Navidad?

Bueno o malo…eres uno u otro, ¿verdad? No necesariamente. Desde siempre, en todas las historias ha habido personajes buenos y malos, aunque eso ha cambiado un poco últimamente. La realidad es que los seres humanos no somos una cosa u otra. La sociedad se empeña en clasificarnos en x o y, pero no somos cosas, sino personas.  Eres el “nerd”, o la nena linda, o lo que sea. ¿Quién define lo que eres? ¡Tú mismo!

Esta vez la inspiración viene de la canción “Good Girls” de uno de mis grupos favoritos, 5 Seconds of Summer. Esta cuenta la historia de una nena buena que se porta mal. Cuando uno de los chicos la sorprende, ella le dice que las nenas buenas son chicas malas que no han sido descubiertas. Eso me dejó pensando…¿quién decide qué es bueno o malo? Sí, hay cosas que por lógica lo son. No estoy diciendo que debes hacer cosas en contra de la ley o la moral. Pero, si rompes una regla o te equivocas, ¿quién tiene derecho a juzgarte, si nadie es perfecto?

No somos blanco o negro, sino de mil colores, pues tenemos sentimientos y emociones. Tú sabes qué te conviene o no. Aprende de tus errores, y sigue adelante. La opinión más importante sobre ti es la tuya.

Comparto el video, que me encanta. Gracias a los chicos por la inspiración.

Gracias por escuchar. Un abrazo.

Good or Bad

Good night, adventurers. Hope you are fine. Have you put your Christmas tree?

Good or bad ... you're one or the other, right? Not necessarily. Historically, in every story there has been good and bad characters, but that has changed a bit lately. The reality is that human beings are not one thing or another. The society strives to classify us in x or y, but we are not things; we are people. You're the nerd or the pretty girl, or whatever. Who defines what you are? Yourself!

This time the inspiration comes from the song "Good Girls" from one of my favorite bands, 5 Seconds of Summer. This tells the story of a good girl who misbehaves. When one of the boys caughts her, she tells him that good girls are bad girls who have not been caught. That got me thinking ... who decides what is good or bad? Yes, there are things that are logical. I'm not saying you should do things against the law or moral. But, if you break a rule or you make mistakes, who has the right to judge you, if no one is perfect?

We are not white or black, but of a thousand colors, as we have feelings and emotions. You know what is right for you or not. Learn from your mistakes and move on. The most important opinion of you is yours.

Here is the video, which I love. Thanks, guys, for the inspiration. 

Thanks for listening. Hug.

miércoles, 12 de noviembre de 2014

Wordless Wednesday

                                         Love is louder than anything you say.

miércoles, 5 de noviembre de 2014


Good night, adventurer. How was your day?

Have you already sent your letter to Santa? What did you ask for?

Future, past...you are either in one or another. When I was a kid, I went to Europe, and I would love to go again. One day, I was searching for the time difference between a country and Puerto Rico, and I realized that time zone was ahead of mine. I thought: "They live in the future, and we live in the past." Then I started wondering how could a couple survive having a long distance relationship living in two continents, and I wrote this poem...


I wake up,
look at the clock,
and I know.

That you are
already working.
I want to hold your hand,
but there is nothing.

I follow
the morning routine;
the sky is clear,
while I feel hollow.

On my way
to work,
I call,
but your cell
goes straight.

To voicemail.
What a morning!

'Cause you
are in a meeting;
I feel so blue, 
like there is no meaning. 

Stuck in the traffic,
almost crying,

How we are
going to make it,
and I almost pass
a red light. 

You are so far,
where there is so cold;
I am
where it is so hot.

You live in the future,
I live in the past;
there is no fusion,
just you and I.

No we,
'cause we
are not even

I get off,
and here comes
the rain,
while you are on the train.

I have to wait
to talk to you. 
There is so much in the way,
and I don't want to lose.


I can't
it anymore.
I want
you when I get home.

But you are
thousands of miles
I don't know what to say.

Finally we are
able to talk,
and I pour my heart
and soul.

I look at the clock,
and I know.

That nothing
is going
to change;
I can't say
anything else,
and the signal fades.

I wish
you could go back
in time,
or that you will
wait for me.

That there is no need
for us to be
like this.

I look at the rain 

It floods
me with memories
that don't
bury my wishes.

And that
don't hide
in gaps.

I live in the past;
you live in the future.
I wanna hold your hand,
but there is no fusion.

I go to sleep,
but I can't,
'cause you are
not here.
I am in the past.
Wait for me.
-Jacqueline Sanchez Ruiz

Have you had a long distance relationship? For how long, and how were you two able to keep it? 

As you know, music is essential in my posts, and this is no exception. A couple of weeks ago, I heard "Close as strangers", a song of the Australian band 5 Seconds of Summer, which is a perfect fit this time; actually, it seems like what the guy would sing to the girl in the poem. This video was made by a fan.

Thanks for listening. Bear hug!