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Good night, adventurer. How was your day?

Have you already sent your letter to Santa? What did you ask for?

Future, past...you are either in one or another. When I was a kid, I went to Europe, and I would love to go again. One day, I was searching for the time difference between a country and Puerto Rico, and I realized that time zone was ahead of mine. I thought: "They live in the future, and we live in the past." Then I started wondering how could a couple survive having a long distance relationship living in two continents, and I wrote this poem...


I wake up,
look at the clock,
and I know.

That you are
already working.
I want to hold your hand,
but there is nothing.

I follow
the morning routine;
the sky is clear,
while I feel hollow.

On my way
to work,
I call,
but your cell
goes straight.

To voicemail.
What a morning!

'Cause you
are in a meeting;
I feel so blue, 
like there is no meaning. 

Stuck in the traffic,
almost crying,

How we are
going to make it,
and I almost pass
a red light. 

You are so far,
where there is so cold;
I am
where it is so hot.

You live in the future,
I live in the past;
there is no fusion,
just you and I.

No we,
'cause we
are not even

I get off,
and here comes
the rain,
while you are on the train.

I have to wait
to talk to you. 
There is so much in the way,
and I don't want to lose.


I can't
it anymore.
I want
you when I get home.

But you are
thousands of miles
I don't know what to say.

Finally we are
able to talk,
and I pour my heart
and soul.

I look at the clock,
and I know.

That nothing
is going
to change;
I can't say
anything else,
and the signal fades.

I wish
you could go back
in time,
or that you will
wait for me.

That there is no need
for us to be
like this.

I look at the rain 

It floods
me with memories
that don't
bury my wishes.

And that
don't hide
in gaps.

I live in the past;
you live in the future.
I wanna hold your hand,
but there is no fusion.

I go to sleep,
but I can't,
'cause you are
not here.
I am in the past.
Wait for me.
-Jacqueline Sanchez Ruiz

Have you had a long distance relationship? For how long, and how were you two able to keep it? 

As you know, music is essential in my posts, and this is no exception. A couple of weeks ago, I heard "Close as strangers", a song of the Australian band 5 Seconds of Summer, which is a perfect fit this time; actually, it seems like what the guy would sing to the girl in the poem. This video was made by a fan.

Thanks for listening. Bear hug!

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